July 13, 2010

Busy busy weekend its been :) i really liked Tom Cruise in Knight and Day.. What about you?

2nd July .

Sarah and Abang Gem’s wedding reception at oh-god -i-forgot-the-hotel’s-name in Ampang.

#1 Bride and groom making their entrance.

#2 Bride’s younger sister, Sofia.

#3 ..and here’s  pictures of me and the bride’s brother :)

Hate to admit this, but he was looking really hot that night. But then again, to have a date as hot as i am, one has to measure up you know ……..

i kid… i kid… more pretty pictures on my facebook.

#4 i love the way they did the menu.

I crashed with the wedding party at the hotel. Was TOO tired to even take my makeup off…heck, i had even fallen asleep while they were all chilling in the other room.Im you typical energizer bunny most times but when the battery runs out, i shut down COMPLETELY.*snaps finger* When the superstar woke me up to put me to bed properly, the first thing i asked apparently was ,” Did i snore?”

3rd July.

Woke up late the next day and it was already 3 noon by the time i was sent back to Sunway.It was only then i remembered Denise’s party at 5.We did take our showers, we just dint have spare clothes since everything was so unplanned.

#5 The house mate got me all prettied up.

#6 Date was looking hot with a Beatles themed cupcake in his hand.

#7 With the host/hostess , Denise! How’s the land down under?!!

#8 Some people were busy handling the sisha that night.Took them a few hours to get it right.



#11 The people….. before they got all tipsy.

#12 The date ….BEFORE he got tipsy and began pouring drinks for everyone and making them tipsy too.


#14 The damage

#15 Which lead to Tequila worshiping by Rowen.

#16 and…..

#17 they’re gone…..

The superstar was suppose to go back that same night but in his drunken state where he couldn’t even put on his shoes and dint even remember getting his license from the gated area guard house, i thought it was safe if he’d just stayed over.Even the house-mate thought so too. -_-“
Brought him out for bakuteh noon the next day.

#19 Bakuteh for hangovers.

#20 Bakuteh is awesomely good for hangovers.. :D go try it.

Then we went to Pyramid to find a hose for my bathroom..

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July 1, 2010

Back in your arms again … :D

Protected: Family

June 28, 2010

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i dont understand..

June 24, 2010

.. how some people would not even think twice about ending their own life.What an insult to your own mother for giving birth to you..

Mundane things

June 24, 2010

Life is not as mundane as usual.. had a small family get together just now.The prodigal cousin returned.With a 3 month old baby in hand nontheless.. fuck this shit. My younger cousin gives birth earlier than i did????

I want a baby too!Big eyes,curly hair n walks terkangkang because of the pampers. like the superstar…. (tek dahun nak nyihu kui kawen dahin nak..avin Sara kawen dau pat miggu maring , his brother pun seng ngenep propose dau anan..so he’s next! hehehehehehehehehehe syok sendiri buduh..)

..maternal instinct kicking in and im emo…


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